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Pre-Cast Products

All CSS prefabricated concrete products are manufactured in our own plants, and to the same exceptional quality standards as our hollow blocks and slabs. That means you can select the prefabricated concrete elements you require for your construction project with complete confidence.

Every CSS product is more than "fit for purpose", and complies not only with established quality standards, but also with our published specifications. You can therefore build with minimal tolerance or margin for error, knowing that our prefabricated concrete products will fit the bill – and the space.

As well as rigorous quality control, each CSS prefabricated product is backed by dedicated research and development to ensure that its shape, dimensions, and composition are all optimum for the task at hand.

Please scroll down to see our current range, grouped by use. Below each group description you will find a table listing the key specifications of each product. For more information on any CSS prefabricated concrete item, or if you cannot see the product you require, please contact us for assistance.

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Architectural Elements

CSS prefabricated architectural elements have both decorative and functional purposes.They are ideal for adding finishing touches to interior & exterior walls, boundary walls, columns and other building features.

Our dado rails are designed to be affixed to – or incorporated into – the walls of a room and can then be used as dividers for either interior or exterior decoration schemes.

Our prefabricated copings, column coping and balcony coping products provide an aesthetically pleasing and practical top to walls and balconies and help to direct rainwater away from the surface of the wall, column or pier, thus extending its life.

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Window Elements

CSS prefabricated window ledges and windowsills provide the ideal frame for all glass elements to be set into the walls of your construction projects.

We offer basic sizes to cater for standard window frames, and our products are of such a design, to create a neat finish, as well as easing the building process.

For example, window ledges T & U that have a top groove where the window frame fits on precisely.

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Shower Elements

Showers are an essential feature of every modern home, with many architects’ plans calling for several, both in en-suite settings and separate locations.

Installing showers calls for a very high level of attention to detail, excellent finishing skills, and the use of the correct products.

At CSS our prefabricated concrete shower edges have come in to replace the old fashioned “brick row”, to simplify the building process, thereby saving on labour and ensuring a neatly finished “step” that will always be straight and have a smooth finish.

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Outside Elements

CSS prefabricated concrete products are equally at home outside and are manufactured to the same quality standards as everything we make. They are designed to excel in specific roles, from tree rings to the boundary wall coping for finishing off and protecting free-standing walls of damp build-up and peeling paint.

CSS patio spacers are especially designed for the awkward step a sliding door creates from the inside of a room, to the patio. It simplifies the building process, because the sliding door fits right in the top groove of the spacer, ensuring for an accurate levelling of the screeding, and tiling process, saving money in labour and finishing costs. The built-in step also serves as an extra safety measure, when it comes to the case of flooding, and water possibly getting into the house.

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Air Bricks

CSS air bricks contain precisely measured and evenly-spaced holes designed for optimum air circulation through otherwise solid walls.

By permitting fresh outside air to enter enclosed spaces – and ‘stale’ air to exit – they prevent moisture build-up beneath suspended floors and within cavity walls.

When cold or damp air is allowed to sit in these voids, problems of rising damp can soon result.

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CSS prefabricated concrete stairs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be used in multiples for greater vertical reach, or with slab landing elements for angled changes of direction.

We do 6 to 17 riser staircases, with a width variety, ranging from 1100mm to 1700mm. Please feel free to contact us for details on our full range. All requests are welcome, as we have a team of professionals that are able to consult and give suggestions concerning your specific needs.

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Water Management Elements

Misdirected or unmanaged water can cause havoc – sometimes gradually over time, sometimes suddenly. It’s also a vital resource that we need to conserve – it is simply too precious to waste. Choose prefabricated concrete water management elements from CSS to direct water to where it’s needed, and away from where it’s not. CSS Storm Water Grids do exactly this and are architecturally designed to fit over storm water channels, allowing any access of water that is usually damaging to driveways and pavements, to be drained and channelled away from such areas. Incorporated in this unique design is a bump to slow down speeding within complexes. Our concrete gully tops are ideal for use under exterior taps to prevent puddles forming, while our rain gully chute product helps to channel water from gutters, preventing puddles from forming in unwanted places of your garden.

*Please take note, that there is a load bearing of up to 3 tons recommended for this product, and we would not recommend it for roads carrying heavy traffic and vehicles.

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