Increased tensile strength

Pre-stressed ribs from CSS offer distinct advantages over ordinary reinforced concrete and enable you to operate over greater spans than was previously possible

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Pre-stressed ribs are relatively more cost-effective than pre-cast reinforced ribs and/or reinforced insitu slabs of a similar load-carrying capacity.

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Our prestressed concrete ribs are available in a range of various lengths. We manufacture these ribs with a minimum strength of 25mpa at transfer, and an ultimate strength of 40mpa, at 28 days
  • 5-wire ribs up to 4.5m
  • 7-wire ribs from 4.6m to 5.9m
  • 8-wire ribs for lengths of 6m or longer.
  • 9- and 10-wire ribs are available on request.


Choose from rib and tray or rib and block combinations – ask us for more details.


Normal Size: 150mm wide x 60mm deep (25.0kg/m)

Wire: 4.00mm diameter (fy=1700mpa)