Less weight, more substance

Hollow concrete blocks from CSS retain excellent load-bearing properties but use less material to manufacture which makes them lighter and a more sustainable option for green building.

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Our hollow concrete blocks are available in two ranges – the S Range and the N range – and in a wide variety of shapes and styles, for maximum flexibility.

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A fast, economical way to build, whether you need them for structural purposes, security or to create storage.


Retaining block walls to hold back earth or water from foundations, making life easier.


The fastest way to divide space, for multiple purposes.


Load-bearing support for large-scale flooring.
Our "S Range" comprises an interlocking system of hollow concrete blocks which provide exceptional reliability and have a surprising load-bearing capacity. “N Range” hollow concrete blocks from CSS qualify as structural elements which means that you can screed over rather than concrete, and slabs made with them do not require mesh. However, please note that concrete must still be used on either side of the block over Prestressed Ribs or T-Beams.
  • Eight different designs available: S120, S150, S205, S290, S Tray, N170, N255 and N Tray.
  • 450mm long and 220mm wide and of varying height.
  • Nominal cross-centre distance of 600mm.
  • Interlocking “S Range” system.

A Block for every job

Let us advise you on the ideal hollow concrete block for your requirements.

Volume of Concrete "N Range"

N170° - 170° - volume of concrete per m² = 0.55m³

N255° - 255° - volume of concrete per m² = 0.81m³